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Setting up Outlook

Setting up Outlook 2007 for your mailbox


  • Launch Outlook 2007.
  • Go to Tools > Account Settings
  • Hit the New button
  • Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP option and hit Next button
  • Choose Manual configuration option
  • Choose Internet E-Mail option User Information
  • Your Name:Enter your name
  • Email Address:Enter your Email address
  • Server Information
  • Account Type: POP3
  • Incoming mail server: mail.(your domain name)
  • Outing mail server (SMTP): mail.(your domain name)
  • Logon Information
  • User Name: Enter your Email address
  • Password: Enter your password
  • Hit Next button.
  • Hit Finish to exit the wizard.
  • If the details are all properly inserted, you can now use Outlook as your mail client.



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